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One day,
we came up with an idea for clothes
that make home more comfortable.

Not just loungewear for being lazy,
but for relaxation with a core of dignity.
And infused with wisdom and imagination.

Woven gracefully, keeping space between the threads,
with relaxed colors and the utmost delicacy in stitching.
All made in Japan by the hands of Japanese designers.
This is how we came up with
our idea for “quiet wear”.

Clothes for reading, for cooking,
for cleaning, or for doing nothing at all.
Our clothes make spending time at home
like relaxing in a misty forest by a lakeside.

shizuka na fuku cohan

Behind our tailoring
To get the greatest feel possible out of our fabrics, we put ingenuity into each and every aspect of our tailoring. In forming and cutting we focus on ease of movement, in stitching we select threads with lots of elasticity. And we keep our care tags as simple as possible so as not to irritate the skin.
Behind our sizes and colors
We offer our clothes in four sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4. We’d like everyone to set aside gender and other traditional factors, and simply select the one that best fits your image of yourself. And for our colors, we find inspiration in groves of trees, water surfaces, and low-hanging fog. Each item comes in three or four colors.
Behind our care
To enjoy the cozy feel of our clothing for as long as possible, the key to care is “gently, carefully.” Place items inside nets for machine washing; some articles should be washed by hand and air-dried in the shade. The texture will get better and better with proper care, and that’s another wonderful thing about cohan’s fabrics.
5 feels from one fiber
The comfort of cohan is a product of the hands of designers who know cotton inside and out. Craftspeople who know that nothing is impossible and boldly take on new challenges. From one fiber called cotton, they have created five materials with distinctive feels.

pima smooth

The long strands of Supima cotton fiber are woven together carefully with delicate needles that normally can’t be used with natural fibers to create high-density fabric. Finished with a special polish, it answers your wish for a feel reminiscent of rose petals.


Our ideal was a light and airy comfort that feels like wearing nothing. Slowly weaving on knitting machines that have been in service for over half a century, we leave a little space between the threads. Then we give it a finish that’s gentle to the fabric.


It’s gently raised, with a nice spring and a texture like the skin itself. We achieved these qualities by selecting just the right threads for the outer, middle, and inner layers. Its distinctive softness is created by selecting medium threads with a soft twist.


The subtle luster on the surface is a product of the long cotton fibers. We lightly pick the loops on the surface with a blade to create a texture like rippling waves. It may be thin, but this material has just the right combination of strength and softness.

double pile

It’s all about the threads. We’ve spun these threads gently leaving in lots of air. Though the fabric appears plump and substantial, it’s also light and fluffy. There’s also less loss of nap, and the more you wear it the softer it will feel.

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